Sterility Vs Erectile Dysfunction

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June 23, 2020
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June 29, 2020
Sterility Vs Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction and sterility are both issues that can influence a man’s sexual wellbeing and capacity to have babies, but completely different ways. Erectile dysfunction, is something else known impotence, refers to problem attaining or keeping up an erection. This could make it very difficult or inconceivable to have intercourse. Sterility, too called barrenness, refers to a failure to deliver or discharge sperm. Here we will have a  look at the two different conditions, what is the cause of them, and how we can treat them.

Erectile dysfunction:

 For men to attain a full erection, a few distinctive organs, including those inside the nervous system,  blood vessels and muscles ought to work in a facilitated fashion. Men can have inconvenience getting an erection in case any one of these systems are in any way compromised. Some of the major causes of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Heart problem or blood vessels.
    • Mood disorders.
    • Depression.
    • Diabetes mellitus.
    • Stress.
    • Multiple sclerosis.
    • Medications like antidepressants.
    • Nerve damage.
    • Blood pressure.
    • Alcohol.
    • Drug abuse.
    • Use of tobacco.

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused due to different surgeries in your body like surgery of prostate cancer or it can be caused because of the treatment of enlarged prostate. It can also be caused because of:

  • Anxiety.
    • Guilt.
    • Low self esteem.
    • Stress.


In case you’ve been attempting to get your partner pregnant for almost a year without getting successful, you might be dealing with barrenness or infertility. The issue can come from any of the partners, or can be because of both combined. Approximately one third of the time, the problem can be with the man alone. A man’s barrenness can be because of issues producing or discharging sperm. A few causes for infertility are:

  • Treatment of cancer.
    • Problems like diabetes.
    • Pesticides exposure.
    • Use of alcohol.
    • Use of steroids.
    • Surgery or injury to testicles.
    • Infections like mumps that cause problems in the Testicles.
    • Premature ejaculation.

The exact cause of infertility might never be known because there are many factors that can cause infertility. You can never diagnose it on your own because there are many symptoms for it so you should always get yourself checked.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction:

 In case you are having problems in getting an erection, see your specialist or urologist. In spite of the fact that talking about the  erectile dysfunction  might be troublesome, it’s vital to get yourself treated. Letting the issue continue untreated can put a lot of problems in your relationship and also stop you from having babies. First, your specialist will perform a proper physical exam on you and . After that your specialist may arrange lab tests (like a testosterone level test, fasting lipid or Hba1c) to seek for diseases such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus or hormonal issues that may be the cause for your erection problems.  Based on the physical exam and your laboratory results, your specialist will prescribe a treatment. Sometimes a little bit of change in your lifestyle can make a huge difference for example regular exercising, loss of weight or leaving different drugs etc can help you in preventing erectile dysfunction. Your doctor might also prescribe you different medications like Sildenafil etc that you can get from UK pharmacy meds. You should use these medicines according to the prescription of your doctor. All of these medicines carry many risk factors, particularly in case you’ve had heart failure, or if you had any other heart illness, or if you are taking nitrate drugs for your heart illness, or have very low blood pressure. Talk to the specialist to know if this kind of medicine is the best choice for you.

Sterility treatment:

You should always ask your doctor if you are trying to get your partner pregnant for a very longer period of time but are always unsuccessful with it. A few tests that are used to check infertility in the men include:

  • Different blood tests that are used to check the hormone levels.
    • Gene testing.
    • Analysis of semen.
    • Biopsy or ultrasound of testicles.
  • The treatment of your disease will be according to the problem that you are facing. There are quite a few treatment options for infertility like:
    • A hormone replacement therapy.
    • Surgery for the repairance of testicles.
    • Treatment of the disease or infection which is causing infertility.

Talking to your doctor about both infertility and  disfunzione erettile (erectile dysfunction) can be very difficult for you but if you want a betterment in your relationship and your personal life along with your health then you should never compromise on your priorities. Talking to your doctor will not only solve your physical problems but it will also help you solve your psychological problems. Seeking medical assistance for every single problem that you are facing in your life should not just be okay for you but also be your first priority because nothing comes before good health.

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