Sexual Impotence, Its Causes And Treatment

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July 17, 2020
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sexual impotence, its causes and treatment

Sexual impotence is a common sexual disorder among males. It is mostly common in older male community but it can also occur at early stage but it is a rare case.  It alludes to the tireless failure of patient penis to become erect or to support erection. It can happen when there’s a nerve or blood vessel harm within the penis. It impacts the well being of a male by influencing his capacity to have palatable sexual intercourse can causes premature ejaculation .it is known as anomalous physical or mental state of a male characterized by disappointment to lock in in sexual action since of failing severely in keep up erection. It is additionally called erectile dysfunction. Sexual weakness can happen due to sudden harm or due to an increasing age.

Sexual impotence results from some physical or physiological issues. Some of the common physical causes are


Age is the biggest contributor when it comes to sexual impotence. Increase in age decreases the flexibility of blood vessels. And when the flexibility of blood vessels decreases to certain level chances of clogging and blockage increases. And this blockage can also occur in the blood vessels supplying penis. And this can later cause sexual impotence in males.


Obesity can cause harm to blood vessels. Accumulation of fat in arteries and blood tissues increases the risk of damage.   Obesity decreases the flow of blood in arteries and low level of blood in arteries supplying penis causes sexual impotence or inability to do sexual activity. Moreover, obesity can also cause an imbalance of testosterone hormone whereas testosterone release and production increases sexual activity. But if the level of testosterone decreases in blood it increases the chance of sexual impotence.

Heart disease

 Heart is the main organ that supplies blood to the organs. And blood is the most prerequisite for erection when it comes to sexual intercourse. But if in any case the heart is incapable to pump blood or to supply it to the blood vessels of penis it gets difficult to sustain erection for a long time or to keep it firm enough. And as a result heart disease may become a reason behind sexual impotence.

Alcohol intake

It is seen that long-term use of alcohol affects the nervous system to a great extent. And when the anxious framework is incapable to perform its work it delays the exchange of nerve signals to brain. And when the nerves signals get hindered, they don’t permit to have any sexual activity and this can be the reason behind sexual impotence. 

Psychological causes

Following are the psychological causes behind sexual impotence


Depression is a mental disorder that slows down the working of brain. It affects the nervous system and slows down its activity. Depression can decrease the blood flow in arteries and if the flow of blood decreases in the artery supplying penis then it causes sexual inability or sexual impotence.

Relationship problem

Sometime relationship problem with your companion becomes a reason behind sexual impotence. Living in a stressful environment or living under the pressure decreases their sexual desire and this constant state if stress leads to sexual impotence.

Sign and symptoms

During impotence it becomes hard to keep erection firm enough for a long time or to even achieve erection. It is troublesome situation and it requires medical attention. It can be identified with the help of few sign and symptoms and they include

In ability to do sexual activity

Loss of desire for sexual activity

Low self esteem level

Problem in ejaculation

These sign and symptoms can be managed with the help of medicines and with the help of your doctor. They require medical attention on time.


Treatment for impotence starts by taking care of the vascular framework. Specialists may point out the hazard components contributing towards it especially if it is a usage of certain medicines or physical inactivity. The first step of treatment is utilization of non-invasive method. And this strategy is really the most secure way of treating sexual impotence. It incorporates the use of impotence medicine. According to UK Pharmacy Meds following medicines are used for this treating impotence





These medications are generally administered orally few hours before going to bed. These drugs permit to have typical erection additionally makes a difference the understanding in keeping erection firm. Another way to treat feebleness is testosterone therapy.

Testosterone therapy

Low testosterone levels are considered as a cause of low sex drive and impotence. So, in order to treat this cause testosterone treatment is utilized. It is given within the shape of infusions, patches and gels. This strategy progresses the level of testosterone and as a result makes a difference in treating impotence.

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