Sexual Impotence And Its Causes

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August 6, 2020
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Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder among the male community. It alludes to the tireless failure of the penis to ended up an erection or unable to achieve it in any case. It mostly occurs when there’s a nerve or blood vessel is harmed, and their regular flow is affected within the penis. It influences the well being of a male by influencing his capacity to have palatable sexual intercourse. It is known as an unusual physical or mental state of a male characterized by disappointment to lock in in sexual movement because of failing severely in keep up erection firm. It is additionally called erectile dysfunction. Sexual impotence can occur due to damage or sudden harm, but it is generally watched in older males since with expanding age sexual activity also decreases. There are numerous successful ways to treat sexual impotence but a perfect way. It is available at UK Pharmacy Meds to diminish the impact of sexual impotence.

Sign And Symptoms Of Sexual Impotence

During the impotence it gets difficult for an individual to induce or to keep an erection. It is a bothersome issue and needs specialist attention. It may be a caution sign for cardiovascular malady since blockage in blood vessels providing penis demonstrates issue in the vascular system. Disfunzione erettile (Erectile dysfunction) or sexual impotence comes up with sign and symptoms, and they include

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Difficulty in having sexual intercourse
  • Low self-esteem
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Unable to achieve an erection or keep it firm

These sign and symptom can vary from person to person depending upon their causes and condition. They can be managed with help of medicine, with the help of some lifestyle modifications and also with some therapies like testosterone therapy.


Its causes are either physical or psychological. Some of the psychological causes are


Depression is a serious medical condition that affects the working of the brain, and it affects the individual lives in a negative way. Due to chemical imbalance the patient feels low and loses interest in life. It affects how the patient thinks and reacts towards the situation. It causes low-self esteem in individuals and they also go through panic attacks due to depression. Sleeplessness and suicidal thoughts are common symptoms.


Anxiety is a natural response towards stress or any external factor affecting the working of your brain. It is a feeling of uneasiness or a feeling of fear for an upcoming event. Anxiety is an abnormal reaction toward anything happening or a nervous breakdown that occurs due to feelings of fear or as a result of overthinking.

Mental well being is also important in order to have smooth sexual action. But if there is no mental peace available, it may lead to erectile dysfunction. Depression and uneasiness can cause unsettling influence to peace of intellect. And utilizing antidepressants, for this reason, increases the hazards of impotence. Antidepressants have a capacity to slow down the anxious working and the nerve signals which triggers or fortify sexual movement gets postponed or maybe blocked in genuine conditions.

Physical causes directly affect vessels supplying the penis, and they include

Heart Disease

The heart is the main organ that supplies blood to all the body parts. And blood is the most prerequisite for erection when it comes to sexual activity. But in case if the heart is incapable of pumping the blood or supplying it to the blood vessels of the penis it gets to be troublesome to keep an erection firm or to maintain it. And as a result, heart illness may end up as a cause behind sexual impotence.

Alcohol Intake

It is seen that long-term intake of alcohol affects the working of the nervous system. It slows down its activity and when the nervous system is incapable of performing its work, it delays the exchange of nerve signals to the brain. And once the nerves signals get hindered, they don’t permit to have any sexual activity, and this is often due to the overuse of alcohol or medicines containing a high dose of alcohol in them.


Obesity is one of the main causes behind the clogging of blood vessels. As obesity upgrades the chance of blood vessel harm, it may cause blockage of blood vessel providing penis. Obesity can also diminish the level of testosterone which is fundamental for sexual intercourse and most often low testosterone level leads to sexual weakness.

Physical Inactivity:

Physical inactivity can affect the normal circulation of blood. As the blood vessels lose their flexibility with age and get rigid, they are more likely to get ruptured with heavy blood flow. And this loss flexibility might occur earlier in people lacking physical activity. And if the blood vessel supplying penis gets ruptured, it can affect the sexual activity to a great extent or may lead to sexual impotence.

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