Different Methods Or Ways Of Contraception Used

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June 23, 2020
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Different Methods Or Ways Of Contraception Used

Contraception is the method which is used to prevent women from getting pregnant. There are different methods that are used for the prevention of pregnancy. There might be some pills that are used to prevent pregnancy and then there are some device methods used for the prevention. One is a normal contraception method for prevention, the other method is the emergency contraception method which is used if you forget to take the normal contraception pill. Emergency contraception has further two types:

  • Contraceptive pill.
  • Intrauterine device.

Facts of emergency contraception:

Emergency Contraception pills must be used within 3 to 5 days because if taken later then it will have no effect on your body. Take it as soon as possible because the sooner it is taken the more it will affect.

Intrauterine devices are very effective if you use it in 5 days after sexual activity and also if you take it 5 days before your ovulation period.

One of the most important facts that all women must know is that Intrauterine devices are a lot more effective than contraceptives in prevention of pregnancy and women who get pregnant after using Intrauterine devices are less than 1%.

Taking the contraceptives pills will definitely have its side effects like it might cause you vomiting, nausea or headache.

The pills that are used for contraception might also make your periods late and it might also be painful.

If you are using an intrauterine device regularly then you can also use it in future by leaving it inside. It will not cause any harm.

IUD might also cause you some discomfort and you can easily use painkillers for that.

You can use emergency contraception without any worry because it does not have any serious side effects. Any of the Contraception d’urgence

 (emergency contraception) methods do not cause abortion.

Who can use these methods:

Most of the women can easily use the contraception methods. Those women who can not use different hormonal methods like hormonal contraception etc. Teenagers can also use these methods. You can only not use these methods if you have any allergy to the materials that are present in the contraceptives. It might cause you side effects like asthma etc and you should not use them if you have any serious side effects. Similarly if you are using any medications that are contraindicated with the contraceptives then you should never use them. Some of the medicines that interact with the contraceptives are:

Medicines that are used to treat tuberculosis, HIV and epilepsy.

Different medicines that are used to decrease your stomachs’ acidity.

Some of the antibiotics.


There are a few contraceptives that you can use while breastfeeding. It mixes with your milk definitely but it is not yet known to be harmful.

Emergency pill uses:

You can use the emergency pills when:

You have forgotten to take your regular contraceptives.

If you forgot to use your contraceptive patch.

Got too late for taking your contraceptive medicines.

Side effects:

It is considered that there are not any serious or damaging side effects of the contraceptive medicines. Some of the little side effects we will discuss below:

Pain in stomach.


Changes in your menstrual cycle.

Feeling of sickness.

There are some red flag signs that show that you should seek medical attention. These are:

You have gotten pregnant even after taking the contraceptives.

It’s been more than 7 days since your normal menstrual has missed.

Pain in your abdominal area.

Periods are lighter or shorter than usual.

Intrauterine device:

The IUD is a T shaped, small copper and plastic device that your doctor or nurse puts into your womb. It works by releasing the copper that is present in it and stops your egg from implantation into the womb. You can insert the Intrauterine device 5 days before the sexual activity and you can also insert it 5 days before your normal ovulation period. The Intrauterine device can stay inserted in your body as the regular contraception method.

Effectiveness of Intrauterine device:

The Intrauterine device method is considered to be the most effective method out of all other contraception methods. According to a research, women that get pregnant after using the Intrauterine device are less than 1%. It is known to be a lot more effective than the usual contraceptive pills. You can buy both the pills and the Intrauterine devices from different pharmacies like UK pharmacy meds. It is easily available there.

Side effects of IUD:

The side effects that appear after using the Intrauterine device are very rare but they are definitely still there. Some of the side effects of IUD are:



Damage of the womb.

Automatic removal of IUD from your womb.

Painful, longer and heavier menstrual bleeding if you start to use it as your regular contraception method.

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