Amoxapine, Its Uses And Side Effects

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Amoxapine, Its Uses And Side Effects

Amoxapine is an antidepressants used for killing low and stressful moods. It belongs to class of medicines called tricyclic antidepressants. It helps in treating depression or anxiety by increasing the amount of natural substances in brain. Usually depression occurs when there is chemical imbalance in brain or due to deficiency of some natural substances. And Amoxapine carries out both of the tasks to help people come out of mental illness. It resolves brain issues and gives you peace during stressful situations. It is mostly prescribed after the age of 18 because it has some adverse effects. Its overuse or misuse may result into worsening of depression. Therefore, doctors mostly recommend Amoxapine after the age of 18. 

Amoxapine shows its effect within days and it should be taken according to the prescription, If it is taken without the recommendation of doctor than its misuse can cause some serious side effects. It comes with adverse effects and there severity depends upon its dose and duration of intake. It can cause an early Disfunzione erettile (erectile dysfunction) in men and infertility in females if taken in extra amount. Before using it make sure to read its pros and cons.

How to use Amoxapine?

It is an oral medicine in the form a tablet. It should be taken with liquid solution preferably with water. It is taken from mouth and should not swallowed in fun. Better to take it in a proper way with water and to avoid doing fun with it. As a rule it is taken one or more times a day.  And if you are using one tablet then take it you take it before sleep time or going to bed, also try not to take it on the same time each day. Make some little changing in your time as it could be more effective in this way. Follow the directions mentioned on your medicine name carefully, and seek help from your specialist or drug specialist to explain any portion you are not getting from instructions part. Take it in equal amount and don’t take it in more or less amounts.

If you have missed a dose by mistake then seek medical emergency and tell your doctor about the event. Don’t take an extra dose on your own to compensate the dose missed. Wait for the time of your next dose and then take it regularly. And if you have taken an extra dose of Amoxapine then just relax and don’t get panic. And if you get any abnormal signs after in taking an extra tablet of Amoxapine then talk to your doctor immediately.

Side effects of Amoxapine

Amoxapine can show number of side effects and they can get worse if remain untreated. They include

  • Rashes on skin
  • Pounding or irregular heartbeat
  • Numbness and weakness and in limbs
  • Slurred speech
  • Constipation
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry mouth
  • Tremors
  • Feeling of passing out

These side effects can be managed if you take medical help on time and gets regular checkup.


According to UK Pharmacy Meds Amoxapine is no doubt a useful drug when it comes to treating depression but it can show adverse reaction in certain cases. There are few precautionary measures to keep in mind before using it.

If you are allergic to this drug and then it is essential for you to tell your primary care physician about it. Before your doctor recommends you he or she must have an idea about allergic reaction for this drug. As this drug contains some inactive substances and those inactive substances can worsen your allergy.

If you have any past history of blood issues like thrombocytopenia then talk to your specialist about this and bring it to their knowledge to avoid future complications. Amoxapine can show adverse reaction if you are suffering from any blood disease.

Having a heart issue or history of angina is not good for an individual using Amoxapine. Its use can increase the chance of heart attack or chest pain. Therefore, it is important to tell your doctor about your complete medical history so that he or she can take precautionary measure before advising you to use Amoxapine.

Amoxapine can show interaction with other drugs like anticholinergics and with other psychiatric drugs if used simultaneously. And this reaction would not be normal it can be harmful and can also be life threatening.  If you are previously using medicine for blood pressure or heart problems or any other antidepressant than avoid using Amoxapine along with them. And make sure to tell your primary care physician about it.

This drug is sensitive to sunlight, going out in sun after using this drug can be harmful. Limit your time in sun and also make sure to avoid sunlamps and tanning booths.

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